Olga Lacroix

Registered Social Worker, yoga teacher and meditation coach.

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Olga Lacroix

Olga Lacroix sees patients on Thursdays from 10am-7pm.

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Practice and Philosophy
I strongly believe that our thoughts, influence our emotions and that our emotions end up guiding our behaviours. Some times, all we can see is the side effect of our behaviours and we lack clarity as to what causes them. I am here to tell you, that all your experiences come from perceptions.
There is a strong connection between our perceptions of how we view the world around us, and our experience of the world around us. When facing health (mental or physical) difficulties, we tend to wonder what is wrong with us? And maybe even engage in self-blaming and self-rejection. Those perceptions are far from friendly and they end up leading us to feel and behave in unfriendly ways towards our bodies and our minds. Having experienced this first hand, I have become very passionate about educating individuals on the mind-body connection to help them free themselves from perceptions that are not useful and that can in fact be harmful.
My approach to counselling is holistic in that it involves mind, body and soul techniques such as; mindfulness-based cognitive therapy, Reiki healing, guided meditations and yoga.
Areas of Focus
Emotional aspects of infertility
Stress Reduction
Stress related conditions
Anxiety reduction
Why I Love What I Do
Having experienced several stressful life and health circumstances, I have learned to rely on my body’s natural healing abilities and on holistic resources and supports to cope with the inevitable obstacles that life has to offer. I became interested in Social Work shortly after arriving to Canada as a refugee and being inspired by the incredible opportunities to help others that this beautiful country has to offer.
My passion for mental health, yoga, reiki  and meditation came during my practice of social work, as I was seeking to include a more holistic approach with my counselling clients. I really enjoy educating and providing individuals with tools that make them confident in their own abilities to cope with stress and other difficulties. I encourage individuals to trust their own wisdom and to welcome everything that shows up in their lives as lessons that will ultimately make them better humans.
At AwakenLife, I am particularly passionate about helping women remove all barriers to lower the stress in their bodies and minds so that they may create the best version of who they are, creating an environment to blossom and reproduce!
Education and Credentials
I am a Registered Social Worker from Carleton University. I am registered with the Ontario Association of Social Workers and with the Ontario College of Social Workers.
I have completed 200hr of Hatha yoga training, specialty training in restorative yoga and Master in Usui Reiki healing.
Additionally, I have been studying and practicing mindfulness and meditation under the teachings and guidance of local mentors, the Ottawa Mindfulness Clinic and The Mindfulness Studies in Toronto. I am currently completing my certification on Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) facilitation training and I am the Founder of a meditation studio in Ottawa.
What I Do When I Am Not Working
When I am not counselling, teaching, writing, or giving talks, I am usually relaxing by the lake with my husband and two fur babies. As much as I love working, I also love practicing the art of non-doing and I do my best to find that balance.
During the week, I work mostly afternoon and evenings, allowing the mornings to take my time getting out bed, sipping on a good Colombian coffee, catching a yoga or spinning class and cooking my lunch.
Both, my husband and I are busy entrepreneurs so we make sure to always leave time aside for date nights, vacations (mostly in cold winters) and spending quality time with friends and family.

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