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Andrea Plitz

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Practice Philosophy

As a Physiotherapist and Yoga teacher Andrea loves to blend the science and art of biomechanical diagnosis and holistic manual therapies with movement, mindfulness and breath. She believes a big part of this is helping people to reconnect with their bodies in a new and individualized way taking into consideration their unique health and movement profile.

Looking at the body as an integrated system of myofascial, articular (joint), neural, visceral (organ), as well as cognitive and emotional components, Andrea is able to more quickly find the root cause(s) of your complaint and address influencing factors to relieve symptoms while helping to restore optimal movement, flow, energy & breath. Her unique combination of holistic manual therapies, including gentle joint mobilizations, myofascial release, craniosacral therapy and visceral manipulation, coupled with rehab exercise and Yoga provides a fresh paradigm to your care.

Areas of Focus

Andrea enjoys working with men and women with complex orthopedic and persistent pain conditions, but is really passionate about treating women and pelvic health concerns including pregnancy and postnatal care, pelvic health rehabilitation, and mechanical fertility challenges. To read more about Pelvic Health Physiotherapy, click here.

Andrea finds it so rewarding to work with women having challenges conceiving or carrying to term as it is something that changes lives. Being able to directly manually release stuck, congested or inflamed structures related to their reproductive and neuroendocrine systems, as well as integrating Yoga, breath and movement to support these systems, she has seen much success in helping women improve their physical environment to assist in successful pregnancy and childbirth.

Education and Credentials

Andrea completed her Master of Applied Science in Physical Therapy at McGill University and her Bachelor of Science (Honours) at Queen’s University. She has completed over 30 continuing education courses in the last 8 years, while also creating workshops, teaching courses and mentoring within the local birth and women’s health community.

Outside of Work
When away from the clinic Andrea enjoys spending time with her busy toddler, energetic Labradoodle, husband, friends and family, as well as playing with new forms of movement including Yoga, Pilates, running, skiing, paddle boarding and more.

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